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How to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitary | SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

In this current time there is a big focus on stocking up on sanitization products and even the hoarding of toilet paper. Furthermore, many people are purchasing inordinate amounts of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and more harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach. It is important to understand the use of such things and also how to keep your home clean and sanitized.

 Know Your Cleaning Chemicals

The first and most important tip to keep in mind is to never mix any chemicals. Most people are not chemists and have no idea what happens on a scientific level when they mix two generic household cleaning products. Therefore, you should never mix cleaning chemicals unless advised to do so from the cleaning company themselves. Additionally, always practice caution and do not clean with harsh chemicals without proper ventilation in the area. Even if you have to crack a window open or prop a fan up with an open door this is a good safety net. If you experience a headache, feel lightheaded, or have difficulty breathing leave the area immediately. Never breath too close to the cleaning chemicals as well as this can damage your throat and nasal passages. The main point here is to exercise a safe amount of caution and to never mix cleaning chemicals understanding whether or not the two will react.

 Know the Places to Clean

While certain sicknesses have different forms of transmission, the most common contraction is through the touching of one’s face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, one should take extra caution to clean that which one interacts with their hands.  This would include basic things such as door handles, knobs, countertops, tables, windows, and appliances. However, most people forget to clean things such as their car, keyboards, controllers, chairs, pillows, garbage bins, and especially your bathroom.

 Know How to Properly Clean

As much as we would like to start pouring rubbing alcohol on every surface of our home in this time, it is not smart nor safe to do so. The big concern with many cleaning chemicals is their flammability and also the respiratory problems that can occur if used improperly. The CDC recommends using a product with at least 70% alcohol content if one is using a rubbing alcohol based cleaner. Here is the article for further reference and tips. This is a highly flammable product and one should not put it in a spray bottle as this will aerosolize the liquid making it even more likely to ignite from static electricity or a spark from an electronic device. The best thing to do with this is grab a towel and apply a light splash to the rag and wipe down any surfaces as one would with a wet wipe. As the rag gets dry add more isopropyl and continue along. Even so, ensure that you have good ventilation and maybe turn on a fan so that the rubbing alcohol does not give you a headache. Be careful what you use cleaners on too as they can strip paint, change colors of furniture, and potentially damage articles of clothing.

Need Professional Services?

If you have a sanitizing or disinfecting job which is too large for you or needs extra attention, give SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call at (661) 296-4600. We have the training, tools, and technical skills needed to properly sanitize and disinfect your home or commercial property.

Santa Clarita Drapery & Curtain Cleaning

12/20/2016 (Permalink)

When it comes to interior cleaning, for either home or place of business, nothing should be excluded from the cleaning list. Do not leave drapes and curtains off of that list! Just like the other fabrics and linens in your home or office, they need to be cleaned.

Why You Need to Clean Your Drapes

Why clean your curtains? There are plenty of reasons. First of all, they may be dirty. Yes, they may have stains from little hands, or they may have collected gunk on them from being up for so many years. You may not know it, but just from hanging there and looking pretty, drapes and curtains both gather oil and other airborne particles and hold onto them for long periods of time. Another reason why curtains and drapes need to be cleaned, is so that whatever was on them can be taken away. Just like any linen, drapes hold smells such as smoke. To freshen up your home or business, it is a good idea to have your curtains professionally dry cleaned for health and sanitation reasons, as well as the overall presentation of a clean room.

Benefits Of our Santa Clarita Drapery Cleaning Service

When you get your curtains professionally dry cleaned by SERVPRO of Santa clarita, you are sure to reap in the benefits. Cleaning your curtains means a more clean and sanitary working and living environment. Those dust bunnies that were one there are now gone. That funny smell has left the building. Even the colors of the curtains have brightened and livened up the place. Yet another reason to have your curtains dry cleaned is so that they will last longer. Yes, if you want to keep them, you need to clean them. Oily build-up can slowly but surely deteriorate the drapes, and having them professionally cleaned will remove that oily grime.

Types of Drapery Cleaning

Now that we all know that our drapes and curtains need to be cleaned, you need to know that there are right ways to have them cleaned, and wrong ways. Very few curtain fabrics can be laundered successfully. If cleaning is gone about the wrong way, shrinking or discoloration will likely occur. Consult with a SERVPRO of Santa Clarita professional to inspect your drapes and have them professionally dry cleaned as it suits your fabric. Also, the majority of dry cleaning clothes facilities are not equipped with what it takes to dry clean draperies. No matter the fabric either sheer or heavy-duty, SERVPRO of Santa Clarita specialists can efficiently clean drapes and curtains.

When To have Your Curtains Cleaned

It is good to have your curtains and drapes cleaned about every two years. If they are located in a high traffic area or are especially oily and dirty, then it may be best to get them professionally dry-cleaned more often. For the most part, every two years is appropriate. This will keep them in good shape, oil-free, clean looking (and feeling) and also clean smelling. Having them cleaned by SERVPRO will ensure that the longevity of the curtains will be lengthened, and thus reduce spending on replacement ones.