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The Truth of Living with Santa Clarita Mold Damage

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall behind removed cabinets SERVPRO remediates mold infestations and can remodel this Santa Clarita kitchen.

Mold Damage Can Threaten Santa Clarita Homes

Mold infestations are misunderstood in homes and businesses, especially in communities that might experience humid conditions like the valley does. With misinformation across the internet regarding the ramifications of mold presence in living spaces and the impact organisms have on the structural integrity of your home.

Santa Clarita mold damage events happen more frequently than most homeowners realize, and these conditions can be overlooked by those that do not initially recognize the signs. Because of how vital a remediation response is, we have professionals trained to help. Many SERVPRO technicians are cross-trained in related fields so that we can dispatch a force comprising accreditations like:

How Does Mold Form in a Household?

Mold can develop without much encouragement. When moist conditions exist, resulting from unresolved water damage or high humidity, combining this environment with favorable temperatures can facilitate mold growth. In as little as 48 hours, damp areas of your house can be a haven for circulating mold spores, and colonies can begin growing on moist surfaces.

What Makes it a Threat to a Residence?

Many do not understand the threat of mold in their homes. In truth, the impact of mold can be widespread, starting with the direct damage to hosting building materials. Organic matter is used as a food source for organisms, so structural elements weaken in contact with colonies.

How Can You Identify Mold Damage on Your Own?

It is possible to identify mold growing in your home on your own, but it can also get overlooked depending on the circumstances. When physical spotting is not present on surfaces, homeowners rely on their sense of smell to show where developing colonies might reside. Forming organisms emit a powerful, musty odor that can overwhelm nearby spaces.

SERVPRO Remediation Solutions

We work fast to slow down the movement of active mold spores and begin the remediation process. The sooner we remove colonies from a structure, the more materials can be salvaged. We have several approaches for removing active mold organisms discovered in your home, including:

  • Surface Cleaning - This is the simple mold damage remediation approach. If colonies have not penetrated the outermost layer of a hosting material, antimicrobial products can effectively eradicate the spores and early-stage colonies on contact.
  • Sanding - When more aggressive measures and methods are called for, sanding can be effective. This approach is beneficial when wood framing becomes a host for active colonies.
  • Media/Soda Blasting - When media like sodium bicarbonate and other products are put under pressure by water or air, this can be a practical approach for removing active mold on surfaces. Dry ice blasting provides a waterless process for mold removal.
  • Controlled Demolition - When these initial efforts are not effective or practical, we can remove the portions of impacted building materials or contents and safely dispose of them.

Resolving the Causes of Mold Damage

One of the final measures our SERVPRO professionals will take is utilizing our general contractor license to complete a series of build-back services to prevent mold recurrences. From repairing roof exposures to replacing portions of the plumbing system, we work to ensure that our remediation efforts are a permanent solution for your house.

Because Santa Clarita mold damage is more common than you might realize, colonies might already exist in your home. If you suspect mold might live in your household, contact our SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley team to help. We can inspect the structure and act on colonies if they are found. Give us a call today at (661) 296-4600.

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