Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded Office

Flooded Office Due to Excess Rain

A local office had their front desk portion of the building flooded following excessive rain. They gave SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call as soon as they recognized the damage. SERVPRO was able to get on site quickly and setup equipment to extract the water and moisture. 

If you have any storm damage or flooding in need of restoration give us a call today at (661) 296-4600.

Hole in Wall

Hole in Exterior Wall

This is a classic example of small exterior damage which could lead to serious internal damage of the home. In this case there was already a large portion of water from rain which had penetrated the home's walls.

Perform routine checks of the exterior of your home and if you find a problem which has lead to damage of your home give SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley a call at (661) 296-4600

Ceiling Damage Santa Clarita Valley

Ceiling Damage from Rain

A local homeowner noticed their ceiling leaking a bit and then bowing down. Eventually, portions of the ceiling began to fall down. They then contacted SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley to come assess and mitigate the damage.

Flood damage, Santa Clarita

Water Damage from Flooding, Santa Clarita

A local business had extensive water damage in their office following heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to rapidly respond and mitigate the damage. 

Weather damage, Santa Clarita

Weather Causing Ceiling to Fall, Santa Clarita Valley

A local home had water damage related to weather deteriorate their roofing and eventually ceiling. This caused affected areas to fall and exposed the room to the outside weather and moisture. This situation would have continued to get worse had our experts not arrived on site quickly and assessed and mitigated the damage.

Roofing Collapse, Santa Clarita

Roofing Collapse Due to Weather, Santa Clarita

A local home's roof could not hold itself up due to recent rain and years of slow degradation of the structural integrity. This opened up sections of the roof to the elements and could have resulted in a great deal of property damage. Thankfully, SERVPRO® of Santa Clarita Valley was able to assess the damage, deal with any immediate problems, and plan a course of action in how to proceed.