Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Ceiling Remediated

The ceiling of a local home was damaged due to a leak within their roof. This was unknown to the homeowners until the water stains were seen in the drywall of t... READ MORE

Garage Damaged from Storm

A homeowner's garage was damaged as a result of a storm and poor roofing above the garage. While rainfall is not very common in this area when it rains it pours... READ MORE

Bathroom Flooding

A local Santa Clarita Valley home suffered from a bathroom flooding. The water was able to remain stagnant long enough to the point where it was able to saturat... READ MORE

Flooding Damages Kitchen

A local home suffered from water damage after they experienced a bit of flooding that came through their sliding glass doors and centralized into the kitchen ar... READ MORE

Restoration of Rain Damage

This before and after showcases the restoration of a portion of ceiling that suffered from damage related to rain. Following heavy rain and leaking from outside... READ MORE

Broken Glass Door

This is a picture of a broken glass door at a local Santa Clarita home, caused by a local storm. The broken glass that shattered everywhere was thoroughly clean... READ MORE