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Steps of Fire Damage Cleaning in Santa Clarita Offices

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

a Flame Let SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley fix it, Don’t stress it.

SERVPRO Carefully Removes Fire Damage

Cleaning up after a fire incident means taking the necessary steps to return the structure to its original condition and ensure the safety of those exposed to the effects. Our effective mitigation strategies are uniquely designed and tailored to each specific situation, seeking to address a wealth of post-fire loss effects such as:

  • Soot
  • Smoke Solids
  • Odors
  • Water

Identifying the Damage

With soot being the worst of the fire damage in Santa Clarita offices, it is essential to determine what kind of damage has impacted building materials and contents. Smoke damage alone can result from multiple chemical processes, which ultimately affect the thickness, spread, and composition of residues and soil deposits.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Approach

Cleaning after a fire is not one-size-fits-all. Many cleaning processes are required on the same job, making identifying appropriate approaches critical to saving time and money. Depending on the composition of the smoke damage, clean-up could involve surface cleaning, abrasive products, mechanical actions, media blasting, and demolition.

Testing Surfaces

Before we entirely choose one approach over others, testing is an important part of the damage recovery process. Specific abrasive solutions like solvents can be more destructive to sensitive surfaces than the soot they seek to dissolve, so testing on a small, inconspicuous portion of the impacted material shows the effectiveness of cleaning options.

Salvageability of Affected Materials

Materials must also be evaluated to determine if they are worth preserving. Substantial damage to building materials might still be restorable. Still, if it is a tremendous cost to the business, replacement might be a more suitable and faster solution.

Fires can be a challenging situation to overcome in area office buildings. As a leading large loss provider for the area, we can help when disasters strike. Contact SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley when fires threaten your property at (661) 296-4600. 

Do Various Organisms Affect Valencia Mold Removal Differently?

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on Wall SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians.

Mold Removal Is Similar Regardless of Mold Type

Removing mold is often the product of several actions taken simultaneously. Choosing the proper remediation solutions relies on the house's condition and several factors. Often, many believe the type of mold could change the removal approach, though this is rarely the case.

Where is the Mold Damage?

It is important to note where the mold damage is located so mold removal in Valencia homes can get underway as soon as possible. Hundreds of materials in your home can be hosts for active mold colonies when there are environmental conditions to facilitate this growth. Typically, we can expect to find mold damage in areas such as:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

What Caused the Mold?

Understanding the underlying cause of mold development can contribute to the appropriate remediation option. A careful inspection determines how much of the building materials in a particular area have been exposed to the needed environmental conditions to grow mold. Intruding water from storm damage, leaking pipes, damaged appliances, and poor ventilation can be factors.

How Should Remediation Proceed?

Mold remediation and removal services are selected based on the several environmental and hosting material conditions SERVPRO professionals find when arriving at a residence. The right choice allows mold cleanup and removal to be complete quickly and ultimately costs the customer less. Options for remediation strategies include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Sponge pressure cleaning
  • Media blasting
  • Controlled demolition

With a combination of remediation certification and a general contractor license, our SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley team is ready to help your home or business however it needs after these damaging disasters. The development of mold and microbial threats can be destructive to your property. Still, we have a team of technicians ready to help when you need it. Call us today at (661) 296-4600.

Moisture Impacts Water Damage Restoration of Santa Clarita Shops

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Drying Wood Floors We aim to restore your property as quickly as possible, “Like It Never Even Happened.”

Humidity Drying is Vital in Santa Clarita Boutiques

Several factors dramatically influence the pace and thoroughness of drying and post-water damage restoration and recovery. When your shop becomes impacted by a damage event like a burst pipe or flooding, it is critical to provide the necessary approaches to restore the business and its wares as efficiently as possible. Mitigation of these disasters typically has specific objectives and focuses, such as:

  • Drying
  • Content Recovery
  • Structural Repair
  • Cleaning

Determining the Humidity Ratio

Humidity can play a substantial role in the water damage restoration of Santa Clarita shops. To understand the efforts that must begin and the steps necessary to overcome moisture content, SERVPRO professionals must determine the humidity ratio. This number measures the current moisture content against the available dryness in the environment. The weight of this moisture is measured in grains. 

Relative Humidity

Determining the relative humidity is also important, as this is the capacity for moisture in an environment. Often this is figured as a percentage, namely how much of the atmospheric composition can be moisture grains before the air is too saturated to support more. With portable heaters, this capacity can change with factors like increasing the temperature in a drying zone. 

Processes to Lower Humidity 

Lowering the humidity of your shop can increase the efficiency of the drying process and ultimately leave less of the structure and its contents exposed. The most direct method to achieve this is the application and placement of dehumidification equipment. Low-grain refrigerant and desiccant units work to manage thick moisture content. We can simultaneously offer effective drying and humidity when dehumidifiers are placed per air movers.

From powerful drying solutions designed to remove moisture from the affected environment to the needed steps for identifying water and relative humidity concerns, our SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley team can help when you need it. We have skilled professionals ready 24/7 at (661) 296-4600. 

Restoring Santa Clarita Homes Affected by Fire Damage

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out fire After a fire mishap, you want help from the experts. We are Here To Help!

SERVPRO Mitigates Fire Damage and Repairs Santa Clarita Properties

Property loss incurred by fire damage in 2020 totaled up to $21.9 billion, according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data. Worse still, home fires can leave Santa Clarita homeowners at a loss about how to deal with the sudden escalation in damages. 

Santa Clarita SERVPRO fire damage mitigation technicians can mitigate fire suppression residues and fire soils 24/7. On top of that, this team's documentation process assists homeowners with their claims filing needs while rendering cleanup services that prioritize restoration over replacement when possible. 

Professional Rebuilding Services After Fire Cleanup

Mitigating smoke and soot stains, debris, and odors are necessary for restoring homes. SERVPRO rebuilding services can go the extra mile of returning the affected areas to a pre-damage state regardless of the scale of the damage.

  • SERVPRO technicians can reinstall drywall and baseboards, as well as repaint them
  • Technicians can also apply temporary repairs like temporary fencing, board-ups, and roof tarping to secure a home during the restoration process. These steps are especially crucial after fires that impact the structural integrity of doors, windows, and roofing.
  • Cleanup services for contents include specialized processes for electronics, documents, fine art, and furniture. These services can also be referred to licensed specialists depending on homeowners' needs.
  • Crew members can repair tile, linoleum, and marble flooring.
  • SERVPRO inspects HVAC after a fire occurs, regardless of the scale of the fire, to protect the property from the potential spread of odors and particles that affect indoor air quality

SERVPRO rebuilding services are performed per the property owners' insurance policy and with coordination between homeowners and insurance adjusters throughout the process. 

Call (661) 296-4600 for mitigation services from SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster to minimize the impact and maximize savings for residents.

SERVPRO Water Damage Extraction Saves Valencia Homes

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO has state of the art equipment your home needs after a water incident.

Water Restoration Technicians in Valencia Mitigate Moisture and Contaminants

Removing water damage from a Valencia home can be an overwhelming prospect for homeowners attempting DIY solutions. Drying with only fans and consumer-grade dehumidification units can take much longer than professional solutions, preventing or mitigating potential mold growth more quickly. 

Valencia SERVPRO water damage restoration crews have the tools necessary to restore structures and contents to a pre-disaster state in a fraction of the time that DIY solutions can. This highly-trained team's access to commercial-grade equipment and science-backed mitigation strategies helps homeowners save time and money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Makes Moisture Extraction Effective?

Homeowners may have seen or even used some version of extraction equipment previously, but what does it do exactly?

  • Extractors use three systems--vacuum, heating, and pumping--which can be activated separately to tailor water removal to the affected surface
  • SERVPRO portable extractors feature 5 to 12-gallon tanks, one for wastewater and one for EPA-registered biocide solutions
  • These portable units are especially effective on carpet, upholstery, drapes, and other porous surfaces
  •  Portable extractors can also remove water from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with the vacuum component

Extraction greatly accelerates the drying process, especially when used alongside SERVPRO's inspection and drying process. Removing excess moisture before deploying drying equipment can render the entire process hundreds of times faster and more effective for reducing mold risk and odors caused by water damage, particularly on surfaces like wood, drywall, and carpet. 

SERVPRO sanitation processes include spraying, fogging, and manual cleaning with OSHA-approved antimicrobial solutions. These measures also reduce microbial proliferation and other water-related concerns. 

Property owners can call (661) 296-4600 for "Like it never even happened," levels of cleanup provided by SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley's 24-hour remediation services.

Remediating Santa Clarita Business Flood Damage

4/8/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment in hallway Commercial flood damage is no match for SERVPRO’s skilled technicians. Call us at (661) 296-4600. We are always available to assist you.

SERVPRO Flood Remediation Preserves Santa Clarita Facilities After Disaster 

Santa Clarita businesses need fast-acting flood damage cleanup to reduce potential asset loss and structural damage that can be performed around the clock. Without timely mitigation, important assets, documents, and equipment are more likely to succumb to water exposure, stains, odors, and potential mold growth, rendering otherwise salvageable items irreparable. 

Flood damage mitigation from Santa Clarita SERVPRO technicians is performed to code with restoration industry best practices to help local businesses reopen as quickly and safely as possible. The team's comprehensive flood cleanup process includes inspection and necessary demolition to pack-outs for restorable property and rebuilding services.

How Does SERVPRO Dry Commercial Flooding Quickly?

Structural drying serves a multitude of purposes aside from removing excess moisture from a flooded property, including the following:

  • Remediating conditions that allow mold growth to begin or continue. Mold requires moisture levels above 50%, adequate temperatures, and organic material for continuing growth. Drying and sanitizing spaces can stop further development and allow technicians to collect and remove spores safely.
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers coordinate to pull moisture out of walls, floors, and structural components like subflooring and wall joists. Technicians carefully calculate the number of units necessary, as well as their positioning, to help affected spaces reach equilibrium moisture content (EMC), where components are neither gaining nor losing moisture compared to the rest of the property.
  • Commercial water extraction, when performed in tandem with drying, speeds up the process considerably and reduces potential downtime for businesses impacted by flooding.

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we are available to help local businesses around the clock. Call SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley at (661) 296-4600 for emergency-response restoration. Our business will keep you in business.

Drying Water Damaged Carpets in Santa Clarita

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

a person pulling up a water logged carpet from the floor When the carpets at your business location need water restoration, it’s time to call in professionals. SERVPRO arrives with equipment to help you.

SERVPRO Water Restoration Pros Restore Santa Clarita Commercial Carpet and Pad

Carpeting and other flooring surfaces are among the most heavily impacted structural materials in many water damage situations. Worse still for Santa Clarita businesses is how quickly moisture can seep through flooring and affect subfloors, potentially impairing a commercial facility's structural integrity.

SERVPRO water restoration technicians in Santa Clarita respond to commercial facility cleanup needs in as little as several hours after the initial contact. This firm's inspection, cleanup, and rebuilding processes minimize water's impact on surfaces and assets.

Remediating Water Damage to Commercial Carpeting and Pad

SERVPRO technicians can perform extraction from wet carpet with a combination of the following:

  • Portable or truck-mounted extractors that address various scales and locations of water migration with specialized carpet wand attachments
  • OSHA-approved biocide solutions sanitize and remove wastewater from the carpet to prepare it for drying
  • Technicians can temporarily lift and tent carpeting and pad to prepare it for drying from above and below
  • Additional carpet water removal tools include rover vacuums, which apply weight-based pressure to wet surfaces during extraction, and wet/dry vacuums. Hard floors can benefit from commercial squeegees and mops used in tandem with EPA-registered antimicrobials

SERVPRO techs can also inspect subfloors impacted by water and prepare them for drying, along with carpet, during air movement and dehumidification. When paired with low-grain refrigerant coil dehumidifier units, well-positioned air movers can pull excess water out of fibers and structural materials like wood and drywall. This drying strategy minimizes the risk of flooring requiring costly repairs or replacement after water damage occurs. SERVPRO can then reinstall dried carpet and pad for a seamless repair.

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley can restore commercial facilities for property owners who call (661) 296-4600.

Fire Damage Restoration Can Remove Santa Clarita Ceiling Soot

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged corner of the room with soot covering the walls Team SERVPRO specializes in soot removal after a fire. Call our technicians to assess and for fire damage restoration services. We are here 24/7.

Santa Clarita SERVPRO Fire Cleanup Includes Smoke Damage Ceiling Cleaning

Ceilings are among the most impacted surfaces in fire damage due to the nature of smoke. Soot particles quickly rise and stick to surfaces before falling and settling on furnishings and belongings. Ceiling stains can be challenging for Santa Clarita homeowners to remove without professional intervention.

Santa Clarita SERVPRO fire damage restoration professionals perform cleanup with industrial-grade tools. These sophisticated technologies, combined with SERVPRO’s firm dedication to training technicians, provide more thorough restoration for homeowners.

Cleaning Soot-Damaged Ceilings After a Fire

Restoration technicians begin by cleaning fire soils from lightest to heaviest and ceiling to floor. Before cleaning the ceiling, technicians can use drop cloths and furniture covers made of plastic to protect contents and minimize disruptions to the home. Techs may temporarily move lampshades or other furniture pieces on the property to prevent accidental secondary damages from soils. After each room is cleaned, contents are replaced in their original positions.

  • Dry cleaning sponges are the first line of defense against light fire soils. These dry, superficial accumulations respond poorly to wet cleanup, but dry cleaning can successfully remove them without leaving behind stains
  • Before using manual cleaners, SERVPRO techs vacuum loose soils, soot chains, and other easily removable debris with HEPA-filter vacuums
  • Dry cleaning sponges are used in short, 3 to four-inch strokes, moving from dirty surfaces to clean ones. SERVPRO techs replace dirty sponges as needed until the desired pre-disaster result is achieved. Dry cleaning sponges are gentle on such surfaces as popcorn ceilings

After cleanup, technicians carefully wipe and vacuum excess soot droppings and dry cleaning sponge residue, even in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies like baseboards or between pieces of furniture.

Homeowners can contact SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley for 24/7 “Like it never even happened” services at (661) 296-4600.

How to Keep Valencia Homeowners Safe from Mold Damage

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the ceiling in the corner of a room Finding mold on your property can certainly cause some anxiety. Contact SERVPRO to figure out the cause and remediate the mold damage.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Specialists in Valencia Use High-Tech Cleanup Technologies

Residential mold damage typically points to an ongoing water problem that has proliferated for at least 24 to 48 hours. However, by the time many homeowners in Valencia locate the moisture, the presence of microbes may be considered a biohazard situation that is unsafe to remediate without specialist intervention. Mold can cause health effects.

SERVPRO mold damage cleanup specialists in Valencia can return spore populations to pre-disaster levels with EPA-registered biocides and fast-acting service. Highly trained technicians are familiar with the nature of mold and what works against it best to restore structures and contents in an affected property.

SERVPRO Tools for Effective Mold Cleanup and Repairs

Local SERVPRO mold restoration technicians can deploy a suite of technologies that address mold populations and the conditions that allow them to spread continually.

SERVPRO’s microbe-fighting repertoire includes the following:

  • Inspection tools, such as high-tech thermal imaging cameras, can pinpoint potential hidden water damage and mold behind walls, floors, and ceilings
  • EPA-registered biocide solutions designed to address microbes at the particle level
  • HEPA-filter air scrubbers and vacuums that catch microbes and debris particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is a fraction of the diameter of a human hair
  • HVAC cleaning tools, including brushes, augers, and ultra-low volume “wet” foggers, remove spores from ductwork
  • Structural drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers, pass moist air that contributes to mold growth over refrigerant coils or silica gel to isolate water and replace it with dry air

SERVPRO can also perform controlled demolition of unsalvageable structures and contents per the wishes of homeowners and insurers. They also provide recommendations regarding which materials may be more cost-effective to replace than repair before implementing rebuilding services.

SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley’s cleanup exemplifies the phrase “Like it never even happened.” Call (661) 296-4600 to get started.

The Threats of Roof Damage to Valencia Homes During a Storm

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Pre mitigation Ceiling There is no job too big or small for your local SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley.

Structural Damage Can Cause Many Concerns for Valencia Homes During a Storm.

Severe weather is not uncommon in Santa Clarita Valley, and the impact on residences and commercial properties can be immense. Strong winds, torrential rains, and robust storm systems can expose the vulnerabilities of roofing systems and the building's exterior. The rapid response of our SERVPRO team after a storm can help mitigate loss however your property needs.

Temporary Construction Services

One way that we can help after storm damage in Valencia homes is with temporary construction and repair solutions. Structural openings and penetration points can continually allow runoff and floodwater to infiltrate the house until preventative measures are implemented. Some of the steps our SERVPRO team can take include:

  • Roof board-up
  • Tarping
  • Temporary structure
  • Plumbing repairs

Water Removal Services

With vulnerabilities created by storm damages, flooding can be a common result. It is critical to get the cleanup started as soon as possible with these threats, so we arrive with dozens of extraction and water removal tools. A combination of pumps and vacuums can effectively remove standing water and pooling throughout the property where storm damage allowed water penetration.

Cleaning Up Exposed Surfaces

The exposure of certain materials to intruding floodwater can leave these surfaces needing cleaning and restoration. We have potent disinfection products and approaches, preventing unnecessary tear-out and reconstruction when possible. Antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions in our inventory avoid the spread of contaminants and microbes that could develop into more pressing concerns like mold damage.

Storms can be a devastating force against area homes and businesses. A building's envelope can become compromised with the destructive capacities of wind, rain, and other natural disasters. Our general contractor license and experienced restorers quickly recover damaged homes after storm losses. Give our SERVPRO of Santa Clarita Valley team a call now at (661) 296-4600.